The share culture: Tapas

The share culture has continued to build in popularity and is more commonly a way of bringing people together to create a unique dining experience. Dining is no longer so conformed to one person, one meal. The tapas style of dining encourages conversation and a shared experience.

Traditionally a Spanish cuisine, Tapas has seemingly become a part of Australian culture in cafes, bars and restaurants. The very nature of sharing food and socialising over a casual meal is what we love about Tapas. 

The origins and traditional service style of Tapas in Spain has been adjusted to Australian culture. Tapas is no more just a snack or entree, but it can be the very body of a main meal and whole groups dining.

We aren't just plating small share plates of Mediterranean food, but we have introduced food from all different cultures and countries and adapted it to the share style culture- and that's what makes in uniquely Australian.

In the end though, its all about bringing people together, sharing food, chatting and drinking- and what could be more Australian than that?

Pubs and tapas go hand in hand. Both bring people together in social settings to chat, eat and drink. Picture the perfect Sunday afternoon, surrounded by friends and family, enjoying an ice cold tap beer while the kids play. Lay the tables with sticky honey soy chicken wings, salt and pepper squid, chilli prawns, arancini balls and richly delicious portobello mushrooms and there is something for everyone.

Tapas and pubs are a pair made in heaven. Graze on cheese and mezze plates while you catch up with friends and family.

Its not just us saying tapas is on the rise, check out all the bars and restaurants introducing it in Sydney and CBD cities like Melbourne. With every turn of the head is a bar serving share plates rather than meals, trendy cocktails bars that are home to young professionals on a Friday afternoon experimenting with food and flavour as they produce mouth watering plates of share food. Click here to read a great article on some tapas hot spots in Sydney. 

Be sure to check out our tapas food selection on offer here at the Sydney Junction Hotel, pair it with a cocktail and you’ll be on your way to the perfect hospitality experience.

Every Sunday at SJ's purchase any 3 tapas plates for $30 from 5pm

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