How to plan the perfect function

21st, 18th, engagement parties, corporate events, product launches, reunions, bucks and hens parties, Christmas parties, work lunches, sit down dinners and cocktail parties, the list goes on and on. 

When you're in charge of organising an event or you are trying to plan your own party if you haven't done it before it can be a stressful time. It's hard to plan and host the perfect event without really knowing what you want or what works.

Take the stress and hassle out of a function firstly by booking with the Sydney Junction Hotel and their incredibly friendly and experienced functions coordinator and by following these simple tips and tricks!


1.     When choosing your space think about numbers first. Pick a space on whats going to work best not on what you like most. If you are having a small 21st but want a dance floor don't pick a room sized for 200 people. You'll kill the ambience. Better to fill a smaller space than empty a large one. Ambience is everything!

2.     Get your invites out early. If you're making a Facebook event know that not everyone responds so know you will need to give a 10% leverage either way of what numbers do confirm

3.     Set yourself a budget from the start. Try stick to your budget so that your function doesn't blow out and you spend more money than you haven't planned for!

4.     Communicate with your venue. People tend to forget this is the venues job, to give you the very best from your function. Trust their guidance and use them and their experiences about what will and won't work for the event you're planning.

5.     When planning your menu decide if you want a casual or formal feel. For a casual more mix and mingle event order cocktail platters and food as opposed to a sit down meal which is more suitable to a formal event. 

6.     Set a time frame, if you're having cocktail food encourage and ask your guests to be there by a certain time so that food comes out accordingly.

7.     Leading up to your event keep the venue updated of any changes so they can plan and coordinate effectively.

8.     Know what you want before the event. If you want a powerpoint slide of photos have those photos ready and bring them early, make sure your device works with the venues and inform your functions organiser. 

9.     If you need microphones, want dim lighting, have your own music communicate this in the planning process. Give your requests to the functions team and let them know when you want things and how. This way you can enjoy your evening and let it run smoothly knowing everything is organised and will work.

10.  KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID! Don't over complicate things, the easier the better for you and your guests. Enjoy your event and trust in the functions team!