Internationally acclaimed DJ's roll out at SJ's

Making waves in the Newcastle nightlife scene, SJ’s has a huge lineup of internationally successful DJ’s breaking into the Newcastle nightlife scene for Kickon’s and Milk Run at the hotel.

SJ’s has shaken up the nightlife scene in Newcastle since its revamp burst them into the spotlight 18 months ago. Since then, the hotel has boomed, filling up consecutively every Friday and Saturday night as patrons flock to its doors.

They are offering something different which has sat well with those in the Newcastle region who are loving the hotels approach to nightlife and still incorporating the relaxed pub vibe. Two huge rooms of entertainment and an out door beer garden seems to be the perfect combination of night club and night life.

Local DJs have shaken up the scene and put on a show every weekend, and encouraged the hotel to break some fresh new approaches to live music and music acts. The hotel is excited to be hosting consecutive big name, international DJs to bring something fresh and exciting to Newcastle’s nightlife.

Kicking off the line up, Brooklyn hosted Milk Run’s 2nd birthday at SJ’s- the only way they know how, with a huge party well into the early hours of the morning. Electro-house, and deep pounding base Brooklyn created waves and started the encore of artists to follow her on SJ’s main stage.

American born turntablist DJ i-Dee was next up, rolling in to join SJ’s for there already huge Saturday night Kick On’s Party. Bass heavy DJ i-Dee had a mix of trap, bass and hip-hop sentiments that were received well by the crowd.

August was set to be a huge month for the hotel with internationally renowned Press Play coming to the hotel. Ranked in the Australian top 15 national DJ charts, he is one of Australia’s top touring artists who made headlines when he played at the biggest music festival in the world at Creamfields in the U.K.

Ministry of Sound signed artist Jesabel is next up in the huge upcoming lineup of power house, internationally known DJ artists to play at Newcastle’s home of music producers and artists. A vocal and electronic artist, she mixes her unique sound with an interesting story to be told through her electro house beats. Upcoming on Saturday the 2nd of September, there has been a huge amount of interest in the artist in the lead up her performance.

Keep your weekends free with A-Tonez locked in for the 22nd of September and Some Blonde DJ getting up on stage at SJ’s on the 7th of October. With a impressive line up for the rest of the year, SJ’s is set to be the place with a different artist and different style of music being played each weekend- keeping the nightlife in Newcastle alive!