The Hoppy ending…

Probably the most important thing within the hospitality industry is staying up to date and boarding the train of what’s hot and happening before its departs your station and you get left behind.

There is an abundance of breweries, cellars and reps around selling everything from your ever popular and iconic XXXX Gold to your craft Lord Nelsons and booming Byron Bay based beer Stone & Wood. How do you know what’s going to take off and what’s too marginalized for your business and market?

Variety is the golden ticket. It is an absolute must these days to have something for everyone. If you want to retain a customer base and keep regulars and new comers happy there has to be something for the dad who has drunk Toohey’s for 20 years and then the son whose making his way through a list of craft ales.

Within the hospitality scene in Newcastle, there is a vast array of pubs and hotels that stock an ever-expanding range of tap beers. SJ’s is ahead of the pack, with 14 taps we’ve got you covered and your palette looked after.

Starting with the classics whether you’re a New or Gold patron we can look after you. XXXX Gold, Tooheys New and Tooheys Old, Super Dry and VB are all here, meaning your schooner is always full at the Sydney Junction Hotel.

We may not be the Sunny state of Queensland and our boys in Blue may not have won the NRL this time round (or the last 8 rounds either…), but the Maroons have been sponsored by XXXX Gold for years and their fans come hot and heavy all Winter footy season. Have Gold on tap and you can look after and keep everyone happy.

Great beer makes for great times and this is everything that the ever-popular Stone and Wood Brewery and beers encompass. Having burst onto the scene in 2008 the Byron Bay boys knew good beer and knew what people wanted. We proudly pour Stone and Wood Pacific Ale and Green Coast Lager. Perhaps the Cinderella story of craft beer Pacific Ale has been so well received for its refreshing fruity hop and aroma. Perfect all year round this crowd pleaser is everywhere and draws in the crowds who are avid patrons to the brand.

To add to this list SJ’s has White Rabbit dark ale on top. The perfect company to a warm Winter meal, or have it on its own. Rich and full of flavor this beer sells itself. Kosciuszko Pale Ale also graces our presence. Fruity, fresh and inspired by the Snowy Mountains, this beer is perfect for New South Wales customers who love to support local brewers.

Of course, we sell the classic James Squires favourites too. These guys are everywhere and tend to be the go-to beer of choice for those who just can’t decide. Picture a Summers day and the beaming sun is pelting down on your sun kissed skin, the first sip of 150 Lashes Pale Ale or Apple Crush Orchard Cider is just the right amount of refreshment, while the full flavor pours are a taste sensation unlike any other.

New to join our front row line-up is Dog Days by Little Creatures and Asahi. It’s imperative to be relevant, to change and adapt to customer bases and see what works and what doesn’t. That’s where these guys role in. Asahi is a Japanese beer that has gone mental since its launch in Australia, the premium product is an Australian wide top seller known for its iconic full flavor and perfect pairing with almost any meal.

Dog Days is next on the agenda, and this is where we truly believe it’s about listening to your customers and what they want and matching that to what’s relevant now, what’s trending now. Since its release the Little Creatures product couldn’t keep up with demand, originally only brewed as a seasonal product they brought her on full time and the reception has been through the roof. Self labelled as a peachy and a tropical fruit beer, this one is for everyone.

To close this A star line up is our personal favourite, Mister Mixer Passionfruit Caprioska. Yes, you read that right, we have a cocktail on tap. Same quality taste as your favourite handmade Caprioska but without the wait and hassle. This product is uniquely our own here in Newcastle, being the only hotel to sell the fantastic drink. Refreshing, summery, delicious. This beautiful blend shocks customers with how delicious it truly is!

It’s about having something for everyone and adapting to the changing nature of what pub goers want and drink. Craft beer is on the rise and the importance of incorporating this in your tap line up ensures you’re relevant and on trend. Try something different next time you’re here and see what you think for yourself!