Variety & Local Legends

Variety the Children’s Charity operates with the belief that every child has the right to follow their dreams, regardless of the hardships that life throws at them and their ability. Variety operates with the mission to help sick children and their families when others cannot. Variety provides financial support to take the pressure and stress away from families and provide sick children with access to medical support in order to make the most for a brighter future.


Variety have a number of ways in which they help with a multitude of programs within the organization. Variety raises money for; Variety Rare Care Service, Future Kids, Freedom Kids, Caring for Kids, Rare Diseases, Wigs, School and Organisations, Liberty Swings, Sunshine Coaches and Variety Heart Scholarships.

Variety has been operating in Australia for over 40 years and has grown extensively since, with Dick Smith having the first Variety Bash in 1984 raising a record $1 million in annual revenue in the year to follow. Fast forward to 2014 and the Variety Bash celebrates its 30th year, having raised over $200 million for children in need. Throughout their rich history and foundations in Australia, Variety has always stood by their key belief that all children deserve the same opportunities in life.

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In Newcastle, Variety is based in Broadmeadow and provides a local social support service for families with a child with a rare disease as well as organizing and running events throughout the year such as the Postie Bike Dash, Variety Xmas Walks, Variety of Chefs Gala dinner,  NSW Bash and many other community events.  

The Sydney Junction Hotel has been running their Local Legends initiative since May 2017, and have since raised over $65, 000 for The Cancer Council Hunter Region, Mayfield Soccer Club, Dog Rescue Newcastle and Tubes 4 Boobs Newcastle Longboard Surfing competition. The Local Legends initiative has allowed the hotel to give back to the community, involve patrons in large fundraising campaigns and spread the word about local, Newcastle based charities and organizations that are in desperate need of financial aid for the greater good of the community and individuals within it.

For the month of November, the hotel has invited Variety the Children’s Charity to run the skip-the-line fundraising campaign and collect donations from patrons who choose to donate $20 to skip-the-line on Friday and Saturday nights. Hoping to raise $10, 000, Variety will send volunteers to the hotel on Friday and Saturday nights to engage with patrons by raising awareness and funds and encouraging members of the community to become involved with the organization.

Variety has made a significant contribution to the Newcastle community by supporting families in need and sick children. Jordan and Logan are two young brothers from Newcastle who have a rare intestinal genetic condition which stops them from digesting food leaving them to rely on Parenteral Nutrition. The only two children in the world born with the disease, Jordan and Logan are connected to an IV pump for 18 hours a day and rely on PN as a lifelong treatment to survive. Variety in Newcastle raises money to support the ongoing medical costs for the young brothers and give financial aid to their family.

Brothers Jordan and Logan

Brothers Jordan and Logan

The Sydney Junction Hotel feel privileged to be able to create a partnership with Variety and use their Local Legends initiative to give back to the community. The Sydney Junction Hotel have a passion for community involvement and are excited to be able to use their platform to help sick children in need within the Hunter region. Hoping that patrons show the same generosity they have in the past and enable sick children and their families to be relieved of financial burden especially coming up to Christmas.